2 Days Delphi, Meteora and Thermopylae private tour

Athens to Delphi and Meteora through central Greece.

Delphi was the most celebrated place in ancient world. Here the democratic lows of Athens where approved. The most uncompromising philosophers respected Delphi. Even Socrates was declared here as the wisest of men. To unlock the future we must first unlock the secrets of the past; here in Delphi.

Meteora is in a region of almost inaccessible sandstone peaks, monks & nuns settled on these ‘columns of the wind & sky’ from the 11th century onwards. 24 of these monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the eremetic ideal in the 15th century.

Tour Discription:

Day 1: Levadia | Arachova | Delphi | Thives | Distomo | Bralos | Lamia | Karditsa | Trikala | Kalambaka

Delphi Greece is one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece, the most important in ancient world, and accordingly, it seems to appear in the itinerary of every traveler who is attracted to the oracle that influenced affairs in the known world for over a thousand years.

Start your private tour from your Athens hotel to an unforgettable trip. Our tour’s private chauffeur will drive you through the fertile plain of Beotia, passing through THERMOPYLAE (hot gates) about 220 km from Athens, the place that the battle of the 300 Spartans and LEONIDES took place.

Visit the modern memorial to King Leonidas on one side of the highway that shows the Spartan King on the top of a memorial wall with the words “Molon Lavei” written under the statue. The phrase means, “Come and get it”, this is the phrase that Leonidas said to the Persian king Xerxes when he told Leonidas to hand over his weapons. The phrase has become a slogan of defiance all over the world. Shortly after the battle the ancient memorial was placed just across the highway from the modern memorial. It is a small carved stone plaque that says, “Stranger, tell the Spartans that we lay here obedient to their laws”. This ancient memorial is on the small hill across the national road from the modern one and Kamena Vourla.

Arrive at Delphi, the centre of Ancient World – the «Omphalos» (Navel of Earth) – whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic World. On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios.

Our private tour continues visiting Delphi’s Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Delphi Museum containing such masterpieces of Ancient Greek sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. Lunch in Delphi, and start travelling to Kalambaka.

Overnight stay.

Day2:  Kalambaka | Meteora | Athens

Start in the morning travelling to reach Meteora. Here visit the unique in the world the breathtaking METEORA and its byzantine monasteries built on the top of high rocks, standing between Sky earth & wind.

The monasteries of Meteora are 6:

•The Monastery of Great Meteoron. It is the biggest of the monasteries.

•The  Monastery of Varlaam is the second, after the Great Meteoro, big in size monastery.

•The Monastery of Rousanou. It is dedicated to ‘The Transfiguration’ but honored to Saint Barbara.

•The Monastery of St.Nicholas Anapausas. It is the first to meet on our way from Kastraki to Meteora.

•The Monastery of St.Stephen. It is one of the most attainable as we don’t have to cope with innumerable stairs to reach it.

•The Monastery of Holy Trinity is very difficult to reach. The visitor has to cross the valley and continue high up through the rock before we arrive outside the entrance.

Have lunch in Kalambaka, in a traditional home made Greek food restaurant, at the "feet" of Meteora.

After lunch, we will start traveling back to Athens. Late arrival at your Athens hotel.


•Meals & drinks

•Admission fees for the Archaeological sites and museums

•Accommodation for the private tour*

*Accommodation prices: Prices for accommodation in a 4* or 3* Hotel in DBL room on BB start from 27,5 € per person approx.

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